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11th General Body Meeting, Water Quality India Association : Hyderabad, 6th February 2020



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Water Quality India Association India (WQIA) is a not for profit organization, registered under the companies act 2013. Once a task force of the Water Quality Association USA (2008-2014), WQIA has now become an independent registered legal entity. The focus is on creating awareness on the standards of drinking water quality in India.

WQIA proudly serves as an educator of water treatment professionals, certifier of water treatment products, public information resource and voice of the water quality improvement industry.

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WQA India advocates betterment of water quality at country level, through certified technology. It is a source of valuable information. Associated with ethics and integrity, it believes in collaboratively seeking all stakeholders’ viewpoints to move ahead. As a task force of WQA – USA, WQA India has covered a lot of ground.

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IAPMO – I new standard titled “Evaluation of Point of Use Water Purification systems- specification WPS – 01:2019” was launched at 10th WQIA Meeting in New Delhi on 9th August 2019. The Standard was jointly developed by IAPMO-I and WQIA. The scope of the standard : 1. Minimum Quality Compliance Test 2. Contaminant Reduction Test 3. Water … Continue reading “EVALUATION of POINT of USE DRINKING WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEMS SPECIFICATION”

Member Articles

Global Mobile Water Treatment System Demand Drivers and Technological Advancement Analysis 27 September, 2019

  Mobile water treatment system refers to a water treatment equipment installed in a portable vehicle, such as a truck, trailer, skid or transport container, and can be transported and delivered to the site where treated water is required. Various equipment are provided to the mobile water treatment plant, which include flexible hoses, water meters and fittings. Additionally, to … Continue reading “Global Mobile Water Treatment System Demand Drivers and Technological Advancement Analysis”

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