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WQIA advocates betterment of water quality at country level, through certified technology. It is a source of valuable information. Associated with ethics and integrity, it believes in collaboratively seeking all stakeholders’ viewpoints to move ahead.

WQIA is a registered Indian Entity. Join to have its efforts recognized and heard by relevant government authorities.

Power of Membership

  • Belong to India’s first water quality centered trade body.
  • Use a logo specially designed for the Indian Market, which shall indicate your commitment to Water Quality.
  • Get your products tested, certified and stamped by the unique “Seal of Purity” (WQIA’s unique microbiological standard).
  • Have access to WQIA meetings. Interact with speakers and experts.
  • Network amongst industry peers, enhance your business potential.
  • Play a role in shaping policies. Actively join sub-committees and make your ideas into reality.
  • Raise your knowledge quotient by having access to technical and educational material.
  • Enjoy discounted subscription to trade journal and magazines – EA Water, Water Today and Water Digest.



Who can become a member?

  • Any company / firm / corporate body which is engaged in the business of water industry
  • Any professional or individual who is associated with the water industry
  • Any company which is into issuing publications or trade magazines related to the water industry

Membership Details:

Regular Membership

  • Manufacturer / Supplier / Dealer employing (with over 100 employees): One Time Subscription Fee of Rs. 1,000 and an Annual Membership Fee of Rs. 35,000
  • Manufacturer / Supplier / Dealer ( with less than 100 employees): One Time Subscription Fee of Rs. 1,000 and an Annual Membership Fee of Rs. 7,500
  • Individual Professionals: One Time Subscription Fee of Rs. 1,000 and an Annual Membership Fee of Rs. 7,500

* Share Certificates of WQIA of Rs. 10 each will be issued to the member against the one time subscription fee. Ordinary Membership will be eligible for 100 shares of WQIA and Gold Membership will be eligible for 7,100 shares of WQIA

Gold Membership

One Time Subscription Fee of Rs. 71,000 and Annual Membership Fee as per the categories mentioned in Regular Membership details.

Other Details:

  • A gold member DOES NOT have any special privilege as a matter of right over any ordinary member of WQIA.
  • A gold membership is a voluntary and conscious decision on the part of any firm or individual desirous of contributing more actively to the cause of water treatment industry.
  • Only Gold Members are eligible to become a board member of WQIA.
  • Any company / individual who is not desirous of holding shares of WQIA, but is keen on being part of this association have the option of becoming an “Associate” of WQIA.
  • An Associate can be admitted on remitting the one time subscription fee and the annual fee. (The fee amount is the same as that for members)
  • An Associate can also choose to be a Gold Associate by remitting a onetime subscription fee of Rs 71,000.
  • An Associate shall have NO voting rights in WQIA.


WQIA Membership Inquiry Application Form

Any Person /Firm/ Corporate engaged in the water industry or profession is eligible to become a member by paying one time Subscription Fee and Annual

Note :

“Any person/firm or body corporate engaged or interested in any business, trade, commerce in the field of water industry or profession or occasion in that field, shall be eligible to hold the shares in the Company. The General Meeting of the Company will have the power of admit honorary and life time members”.

“Gold Member” does not have any special privileges as a matter of right over other Members of WQIA , but they will have special recognition in all the activities of WQIA.

All board members of WQIA have to be Gold members.

Make your payment today :

Bank details:

Water Quality India Association, Mumbai, HDFC Bank, Matunga West – Razmah Building
A/C No. 50200009236807 , IFSC Code : HDFC0001114

Send application to Registered office:

3,Silver Cascade, 110AA Senapati Bapat Marg,
Dadar West, Mumbai 400 028
Tel : +91 7625031991
Email : wqia2015@gmail.com


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