India Desalination Plant Market

According to TechSci Research, India desalination plant market is anticipated to grow at CAGR of 8.9%
during the forecast period. This growth can majorly be attributed to increasing demand for fresh water
for drinking, commercial and industrial purposes. Fall in underground water level, rapid urbanization and
increasing demand-supply demand gap are other factors which are contributing to the surging demand
for desalination plants across the country.
Water treatment process is achieved using technologies such as membrane desalination, hybrid and
thermal desalination. Membrane technology is widely used in desalination plants and is expected to
dominate India desalination plant market during forecast period.
The per capita water availability in the country is expected to decrease from 1,545 cubic meters in 2011
to about 1,500 cubic meters in 2025. As a result, players operating in the India desalination plant market
along with the government are focusing on desalination technology as it is a sustainable and economic
alternative to other usual water treatment technologies.

In membrane desalination, RO technology is forecast to account for the majority share as the technology
can be used on any ground or surface water desalination applications.

End Use Sector
The various end use sectors are industrial, municipal and power. Industrial segment is the dominating
segment in the market and accounted for 49.2% market share in 2018. This is due to large number of
water desalination and treatment plant installations in the power industries.

Competitive Landscape
Some of the major players operating in India desalination plant market include VA Tech Wabag Ltd,
Thermax India Limited, Ion Exchange India Limited, Doshion Veolia Water Solutions Pvt Ltd, IDE
Technologies India Pvt Ltd, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Aquatech Systems Asia Pvt. Ltd., Hitachi
Plant Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., National Institute of Ocean Technology, and Hyflux Engineering (India)
Private Limited, among others. The market, largely dominated by multinational companies, has witnessed
considerable contribution from domestic desalination plant installers over the last few years.
Multinational companies operating in the India desalination plant market are largely from Spain, France,
Israel, Singapore and the US.

By- Mr. Karan Chechi

Research Director at TechSci Research