WQIA Logo Usage Policy

Using the WQIA member logo is one of the benefits of your WQIA membership. The logo distinguishes you from others in the market place, and assures customers of your adherence to high industry standards and the Water Quality Improvement Industry Code of Ethics. Use the WQIA Member logo with pride, and create a long standing tradition of promoting your company along with WQIA.

Carefully read this policy for using WQIA Member logo. It contains vital information that protects you and the association from the dangers of logo misuse. By following these simple guidelines, you will help us preserve the integrity and prestige of the WQIA logo.

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Who CAN use the WQIA Member Logo?

  • All regular dues-paying members in good standing
  • Executives and employees of regular members in good standing

Who CANNOT Use the WQIA Member Logo?

  • Nonmembers
  • Independent contractors, subcontractors, or retailer/dealership of regular members
  • WQIA Members whose membership has lapsed or expired
  • Members whose membership privileges have been terminated for non-payment of dues or other reasons

What Happens if You Violate This Policy

In the event of these guidelines being violated, WQIA retains the right to direct the member to cease use of the mark, and may sue to enjoin misuse by members and/or nonmembers and to recover actual and punitive damages. It is the right of WQIA to determine whether these guidelines have been violated or whether the WQIA Member logo has been misused.

Use the WQIA Member Logo on:

· Letterhead · Business cards · Company signs · Company vehicles

· Product advertising · Other business documents (invoices, purchase orders etc.)

Do Not Use The Member Logo On:

· The product · Product labels, and/or packaging

What the WQIA Member Logo Means and Does Not Mean:

It means: As a WQIA Member, you have agreed to adhere to the Water Quality Improvement Industry Code of Ethics and have access to up-to-date industry information, industry trends and statistical information, government and regulatory affairs, and marketing and communications.

The WQIA INDIA Member logo means only that the user is a WQIA INDIA member. It should not be misrepresented to others in the industry or to the general public.

It does not mean:

  • Certification, accreditation, or approval of a company, an individual, a process, or a product
  • That WQIA approves any sales, advertising, or other promotional materials or representations
  • That any particular level of quality or performance is guaranteed or assured by WQIA
  • That any statements made to customers or the general public are truthful and accurate
  • Anything else beyond identifying that the user is a member of WQIA

WQIA Member Logo

Digitized logo art is preferred and available (PC and Mac formats) through WQIA



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